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Arkania Online Screenshots

Arkania Online Game Screenshot - A letter from Trademaster
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Riva Aedlerhaven Map
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Home Sweet Home
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Kysira’s House
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Katimaeki in Ifirn Chapel
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Turven, son of Turgai
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Riva Harbor
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Stoerrebrandt College in Riva
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Character Upgrade Form
Recent Updates

The annual Riva trade fair started!

The weather changes were implemented into the game.

The new NPC generation tool has been released.

Message Board

Bug Reports by Bronn

Audio Sounds by dfGAQEiMd

Oldschool DOS Games by Arkania

New Encounters
New Articles

Woods Pricelist

Alchemical Substances Pricelist

Exotic and Allegorical Ingredients Pricelist

New Glossary Terms

· Yerkesh (Arania)

· Yasirabad (Arania)

· Yakshabar (Arania)

· Veharis (Arania)

· Untersternheim (Arania)

· Terchabbrück (Arania)

New Maps
New NPCs
New Items
  • Empty Lab Flask
  • Flask with Beige Liquid
  • Flask with Olive Liquid
  • Flask with Light Green Liquid
  • Flask with Green Liquid
  • Flask with Gray Liquid
  • Flask with White Liquid
  • Flask with Light Red Liquid
  • Flask with Red Liquid
  • Flask with Violet Liquid
  • Flask with Pink Liquid
  • Flask with Purple Liquid
New Location
Temple in Ruins

Temple in Ruins

New Monsters
New Options
Tools for Developers
Join the Team

Arkania Online is a team of volunteers. Our main goal is to transfer the old MS-DOS game trilogy Realms of Arkania to the web platform and develop it further, expanding the playable locale to the borders of Aventuria. We are thankful for any kind of help, especially if you know how to work with pixel graphics, are familiar with the DSA3 ruleset, or just speak English and German well. We welcome any ideas!

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