About Arkania Online

About Arkania Online

Arkania Online is an online ripoff of the good old 90s PC game called Realms of Arkania. For the copyright information, please visit our terms of use page.

Of course, the web browser can never provide the same options the game engine can, so we had to simplify it a lot. Especially in the movement animation and such. But we tried to stick to the original game functionality as much as possible. All changes and differences from the original are listed below. Here are the major ones:

Now the heroes would be able to explore the whole continent of Aventuria, not just Thorwal or Svelltdale.
Although we can track the current time in Aventuria, it doesn't seem reasonable. If the heroes in the game decide to sleep for several days and wake up on the same date — it becomes kinda meaningless. That is why we try to avoid using dates in this game.
We decided not to include the wood and ice elves into the party. In the RoA trilogy the elves were somewhat alike, so we kept the only elf class with the glade elf stats.
No saving option
Since Arkania Online is a browser game, it offers no game saving options. Therefore we’ve made the game a bit harder to fail.
Yes, each player would be able to add his own quests, dungeons, encounters, NPCs and place descriptions. This would help to keep the game alive and interesting.

Game Start

Before you start to play please adjust the game settings in your member area.

If you wish to play without sound, just set the volume to 0.

As you might remember the original PC game offered two difficulty modes: Novice and Advanced. Here we decided to use a smart combination of these modes, so no mode setting is required.

Then proceed to the character creation. There you can create up to 6 heroes for your new party. You can only create one party per account. But you will be able to switch heroes in every temple.

Your adventure starts in the seaside town of Riva. It is assumed, that you have found the Grimring, recovered the Salamander Stone and investigated the strange events in Riva. The NPCs around you will act accordingly.

Party Settings

The player can adjust the whole party properties like order, leadership and in-combat behavior. We also decided to include the relations with Twelfgods scales. They existed in Blade of Destiny, however we couldn’t dig up its formula, so we made our own.

Apart from the diary the party will now own the recipe book, the quest book, the monster book, the herbs book and the keyring.


You can travel throughout the whole continent of Aventuria and even some globules. If the party is not allowed to leave a specific location — it means the heroes are missing something important or did not yet gain a sufficient experience level.

Arkania Online - Gareth
Arkania Online - Gareth


Of course, there are new monsters, new NPCs and new items. We’ve made NPCs friendlier, so they do not terminate dialogs by themselves. If a hero fails cheating or stealing he will be probably beaten, or imprisoned, or fined, but he won’t be locked out from the place forever.


Since there is no saving option available, we tried to minimize the chances of heroes getting killed. That is why each hero is opted to flee or surrender to his enemies. If something goes terribly wrong, the player can always restart the fight.

The battle field is based on hexagonal grid. The heroes’ starting positions on the grid are randomized. By clicking a character on the field, you’ll see his combat’s properties. There is no more need in spell that revealed the attributes.


The Arkania Online spells are somewhat different from the original version. We renamed, combined and sometimes even removed spells if they seemed to us useless. Here are some general changes: many spells were assigned to different groups. The Communication group was appended to the Clairvoyance. The Transformation and Transmutation groups were split between other different groups. You can see all changed in the table below.

Illusionscombined into Disruptivo spell
Transformationcombined into Disruptivo spell
Ball and Chaindeprecated; use Paralysis instead
Bambaladamrenamed to Bannbaladin
Evil Eye
Great Needdeprecated; use Horriphobus instead
Confusiondeprecated; use Plumbumbarum instead
Master Animalsdeprecated; use Meekness or Evil Eye instead
Astral Theftmoved to Dispell group
Dance!deprecated; use Plumbumbarum instead
Blood & Furrordeprecated; use Heptagon instead
Banish Spirits
Conjure Spirit
Summon Crows
Acceleratusrenamed to Axxeleratus
Without Tracedeprecated; no use in game
Walk on Icedeprecated; use Solidirid instead
Conjure Elementalrenamed to Elementare
Balm of Roondrenamed to Balsam Salabunde
Witch’s Spitdeprecated; use Balsam instead
Pure & Clearrenamed to Klarum Purum
Rest the Bodydeprecated; use tarnele instead
Heal Animaldeprecated; use Balsam instead
Eagle’s Eye
Analyserenamed to Analys
Attributesdeprecated; no use in game
Odem Arcanumdeprecated; use Alanyse instead
Penetratingrenamed to Penetrizzel
Sensiblerenamed to Sensibar
Chameleonydeprecated; use Visibili instead
Witch’s Knot
Lightningrenamed to Blitz
Darkness Powerrenamed to Ecliptifactus
Iron Rust
Terror Broomrenamed to Radau
Terror Powerrenamed to Karnifilo
Accurate Eye
Witch’s Eyemoved to Clairvoyance group
Necropathiamoved to Demonology group
Eagle, Wolfmoved to Illusions group
Arcanorenamed to Psychostabilis; moved to Healing group
Magic Armorrenamed to Armatrutz; moved to Healing group
Fire’s Banemoved to Healing group
Increase Attribute Xcombined to Attributo spell and moved to Healing group
Mutabilideprecated; no use in game
Paralyserenamed to Paralysis; moved to Combat group
Salotherdeprecated; use Paralysis or Eagle/Wolf instead
Ocean’s Floormoved to Movement group
Abvenenummoved to Dispell group
Aeolitusmoved to Elements group
Burn!deprecated; use Elementare instead
Claudibusmoved to Movement group
Darknessmoved to Elements group
Freeze Softmoved to Elements group
Fiat Luxrenamed to Flim Flam; moved to Elements group
Melt Solidmoved to Elements group
Silentiummoved to Illusions group
Calm Stormmoved to Elements group

Arkania Online Screenshots

Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Lowangen Area
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Travia Temple in Thunata
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Character Upgrade Form
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - City bailiff about the new rat-catcher
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Stoerrebrandt College in Riva
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Grimmsvell Tunnel
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Party Diary
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Trasik
Arkania Online Game Screenshot - Public Bath House in Lanan

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