NPC Generator

This form allows you to add new NPCs to existing locations. Just type the location’s name in to get a list of tooltips. If the location’s name is missing in the list, this means that it does not exist in the game and has to be added and approved first.

Choose Template
  • Well met, honorable travelers!
  • The Twelve be with you!
  • What can I do you for?
  • If there is any way I can be of assistance, just let me know. I’ll fulfill your… almost every wish!
  • Well, I never! You here? What can I do for you?
  • Haven’t we met before? How is everything then?
  • Well? What could interest you?
  • You remind me of some adventurers who were here just recently.
  • If you want information, get a move on. I’ve got something else to do today as well!
  • Nothing I know shall be kept from you if you are interested in it. Let’s hear it, then.
  • Shoot. There are no stupid questions.
  • Silence is silver. Talk is gold. Let’s honor the precious ore!
  • And just what can I do for you today?
  • Welcome. Let’s see whether I can be of service to you.
  • How can I be of assistance, noble travelers?
  • Adventurers generally have a lot of questions. How about you?
  • Not you again! Now what?!
  • There’s no getting through to you, is there?
  • Not your lot again!
  • Haven’t you had enough yet?