Inventory Items

Inventory Items

Item Types

Improved items are mundane items with slightly modified values.
Traps, weapons and ammunition can be temporarily or permanently poisoned.
Magical / Sacred
Magical or blessed items contain all sorts of different spells.
Unbreakable weapons are often magical or sanctified items without breaking factor.

Breaking Factor

Most weapons and armor have a breaking factor which determines the their fragility. The factor increases in the following situations:

  1. Critical successful attack followed by a critical successful parry. Both combatants throw a d20. If the result is less or equal the current breaking factor value, the weapon breaks. If the result is higher — the breaking factor increases by 1.
  2. When hero's parry critically fails the 2d6 is thrown. If the result is 2 — the weapon breaks.
  3. The breaking factor can be decreased by using a whetstone, visiting a blacksmith or praying to Ingerimm.