You must be very musical.

You must be very musical.

There haven’t been any concert performances in Riva for a long time. It’s a cultural wasteland, full of barbarians! The last performance I attended was six — no, seven years ago, a Thorwalian epic, what was its name… in any case, it was performed by four bards and a massed choir.

A magnificent piece!

That has won over the instrument maker’s heart. Mind you, it means you have to sit through a long speech about the art of music and its eminent modern proponents!

Now I have to go see to my lyre again. The wood mustn’t soak too long, or the sound will suffer. Do have a nice day!

You mean there’s people willing to listen to that caterwauling voluntarily?

The instrument maker’s eyes are bulging! He lambasts you for your ignorance until he can hardly breathe, and before you know how, he’s kicked you out on the street.