Please go on. We want to hear the story!

Please go on. We want to hear the story!

Way back in history, before Man started claiming this land for its own, in the Thasch mountains there was a dwarven prince by the name of Tordol, son of Thiondasch, and he was the finest smith on Threa.

His masterpiece should only be made from the very finest forged steel, so he began to wander the mountain ranges of the north with his closest advisors to look for the ores he needed to forge a truly perfect alloy.

First, he came to the Great Peaks, where the orcs had settled in, and as they refused to pay him the tribute rightfully due a dwarven prince, Tordol was forced to claim his dues in their blood. It was a gruesome massacre, but Tordol overcame and subjugated them — from that day onwards the Great Peaks were called the Blood Peaks.

But the ore of the Peaks was impure and unacceptable for the forge, so Tordol continued his journey to the north, though the ores of Rhorwhed were not of the kind Tordol was searching for either.

While he continued his journey, Tordol received a sign from Ingerimm. Following this he found an ore, quite unknown until then, in the highest mountain of the Finsterkamm — Dark Soil. From this Dark Soil Tordol forged one masterpiece after another and back in those days the Finsterkoppen Pit was founded. Tordol gave thanks to Ingerimm by devoting a large temple cave to His worship.

Tordol’s son Thiondasch aimed to even surpass the arts of smithery of his father. Believing it was the ore to flaw his forge works, he stole all the ore from the elves and brought it back with him to the Finsterkoppen.

Ingerimm, who could not let this blasphemy go unpunished, in due retaliation took the soul of Thiondasch, placed it into the altar stone of His temple and forged it into anew form. It is said that Thiondasch to this very day is locked there to serve His god.

While returning the ore, Ingerimm became weary of this drudgery. Phex noticed that fact and submitted a smart trade to Ingerimm: The dwarves might keep some of the ore if He was to receive the very first piece of smith’s work forged from it. Ingerimm accepted the offer but soon it became abundantly clear that all the remaining ore had to be used up to make just this one piece of forge work. Thus Ingerimm told Thiondasch to forge Star Trail, knowing it would be of no use to the Fox.

… Now, that isn’t the end of the legend, of course, not by a long shot, but I think if I don’t stop there, you will still be sitting here and listening to me a week from now, so we will call it a day.