Could you share information about the islanders?

Could you share information about the islanders?

Certainly. Who are you interested in?

  • The old man does a good job cleaning the street from decaying corpses. No one else will bother to do it.

  • He has many useful connections with people on the continent. He can smuggle literally everything, it is only the matter of price.

  • A waste of space.

  • She runs the inn on the island. I offered her a mutually beneficial deal. She refused. As if this half-wit needs no money at all.

  • I will never hire this whore. She’ll ruin the playhouse’s reputation!

  • Who? No idea.
  • He works for me. That’s all you need to know.
  • She is absolutely cuckoo. Daydreams in the fictional world she imagined. But I don’t care as long as she keeps all her customers satisfied.
  • She volunteered to be in my gang. I have rejected her. The girl has more audacity than wit, strength and beauty altogether. Useless.
  • The man is large, strong, but not cockerel. I could use him for my gang.
  • A local scarecrow? Good for nothing.
  • He might turn berserk any moment. Even his Thorwalian brothers could not stand him.
  • No use to me.