What do you know about the trade in Riva?

What do you know about the trade in Riva?

The trade in Riva has long been in the hands of large trading offices. The oldest house on the square is the Royal Salzaran trading company, whose heyday is over due to increasing competition and the decline of the Svelltland trade. In order to be able to hold on, one reaches for every straw, and has recently even exchanged the traditional domicile in Elderharbor for a less prestigious one in Newharbor.

The Stoerrebrandt office is highly regarded in the city and for years was Stover Stoerrebrandt’s hobbyhorse, who is considered a great patron of Riva. His son Emmeran, however, does not share his father’s passion for the local office. Instead, he focuses on trading in the Middlerealms. He also sent his fun-loving sister Vanjescha Stoerrebrandt to Riva to learn the trade. Office manager Bärmund Erbarmer, a popular and shrewd businessman, has to deal with the increasing competition and the interference of Vanjescha.

The second most important trading company in Riva is the Rastburger office. The current manager, Jarwen Seehoff, uses aggressive methods to implement matriarch Alvide Rastburger’s orders to ensure greater and greater profits. In doing so, she can rely on the in-house mercenary troops, the Rastburgers. In addition, numerous woodcutters, amber collectors and hunters are in the service of the office, while long-established craftsmen are in debt bondage and are at the mercy of Seehoff.

Above all, luxury goods such as furniture and furs are traded by the Horas-Imperial Privileged Northern Sea Company. The head of the office in Grangor, Svelinya Kuyfhoff, pays treasure hunters good prices for their finds and is also ready to equip promising expeditions.

The Kolenbrander office is not at the port, but near the Rondra Gate. Helmar Birkenau, the head of the office, focuses primarily on overland trade and has cooperation agreements with the Uhdenberg mining consortium. Again and again he sends prospectors out to find mineral resources, because he is looking for the legendary black steel. Birkenau is not out for quick profit, but primarily interested in long-term projects.

The Ingstrok trading house is the epitome of Riva’s virtues. The family is conservative, morally upright and morally strict, innovations are approached with caution. The patrician family grew up through the trade in salt and salt fish, and fine leather goods and high-quality cloths are also exported. Patriarch Matti Ingstrok was mayor of the city for many years and his loss of office meant a severe blow to him.

The long-established Syphax house is facing ruin after a chain of unfortunate circumstances. The once very wealthy family still has a seat on the city council, but it is only a matter of time when Donatella Syphax will lose this seat and there has long been a haggling behind the scenes to find a successor.

To the surprise of many, Zosgar Dolbrecht, heir of the Dolbrecht trading house, just escaped a similar fate. If he was initially forced to sell his family’s office to the Rastburgers, he recovered from all the setbacks and was even able to buy the Syphax family warehouse in Elderharobor. A circumstance that causes distrust.

Among the Norbard clans of Riva, the Surjeljows is the most influential. They compete with Stoerrebrandts by improving their trade contacts in Bornland from year to year and stealing their old customers. Pyotr Surjelev is known to run the business, however, his wife Dalkeshja makes all the decisions for the clan, which she heads as auntie.