Phex Temple in Tiefhusen

Phex Temple in Tiefhusen
“There is a tavern in Rorkvell called ‘At Graptaar’s Hammer’. Its owner hires rat-catchers from all over the north and promises them a good fee. The rumors say that none of the rat-catchers have returned yet. They all go missing in Rorkvell. One of our priests went on a reconnaissance mission to Rorkvell. There has been no news from him for two weeks. I reckon something bad happened to him there and he needs help.”
“Rorkvell is a small mining town in the Rorwhed mountains. Two days walk East from here. It was captured by the blackpelts. All its residents are enslaved and forced to work for the orcs. They don’t let people in or out of the town. But there is a secret passage from the neighboring town Grimmsvell. Give this note to the local merchant. He will help you.”

The priest hands you a yellowish scribbled parchment.

“For a couple of years, our fellow Tiefhusener named Ogdan has been running the tavern. Supposedly inherited it. This is suspicious as he comes from a local notorious rogue family, and they have no relatives in Rorkvell. It is not clear where he got so much gold to hire the most skilled rat-catchers. There is definitely something fishy there. As far as I know, it is the only tavern in town, so you won’t miss it.”
“You met him. It was him who visited you in Kvirasim and incited you to the Star Trail test. Three weeks ago he went to Rorkvell disguised as the rat-catcher named Felix. Every evening of the first week I received word from him about his progress in the investigation. But the last two weeks he remained silent. In his last message, he said that he found a suspicious tunnel in the tavern’s basement.”