Parkauki Fight

Parkauki Fight

It’s time for you to meet the orc-bouncers. As soon as you draw your weapons, you are surrounded by a whole dozen of these thugs, who can’t wait to flex their muscles and earn some extra coins.

Each orc is armed with a dagger — not a typical weapon for an orc.

“Careful!” Alrik warns, looking at the daggers. “It’s the Mengbilars. They’re poisoned!”

These daggers are forbidden in most countries in Aventuria including the Svellt Dale, but the orcs seem neither aware, nor really care about this law.

"Timely observation,” Rowena smiles. “Better get out for good now."

"But this Snitch guy robbed us!” you try to explain, pointing at the place where Snitch sat moments ago. Surprisingly, he is no longer in the room!

"What do I care?" smirks Rowena. You immediately realize that she is probably also in the share with the rogue. “Leave your stupid laws to the Praios-fearing peasants. On this island, one takes what one has the right to take! You should be thankful that you’re still alive.”