We are searching for young Nivese woman. Have you seen her?

We are searching for young Nivese woman. Have you seen her?

Are you talking about my new acquisition? I have long wanted to get myself an exotic northern girl for the brothel. She claims to be still a virgin. I paid a tidy sum for her!

Can we speak to her?

Well, of course… That would be 300 gold ducats.

So much? But we only want to talk, nothing else!

It is up to you what you do with her. The fee is 300 ducats.

We want to buy her out. We can pay 1000 gold ducats for her!


Name your price then.

This girl can bring me thousands of ducats in the future.

And I am not selling a cow, if I can milk it. However… I agree to exchange it for a potentially more profitable source of income.

Please, have mercy! Ikaju is only a child! Her grandfather in Riva will die of grief if we won’t return his granddaughter.

Her grandfather will die anyway… All humans are mortal. Although, some are more entrepreneurial than others.

So what do you want in return for Ikaju?

Somebody more profitable… who will bring me more money.

Like who?

Someone even more exotic… like a fairy or a mermaid. Surprise me!

You leave us no choice, evil woman! We will take her by force!

How rude… Gravak, please escort these clowns to the door!

Suddenly a huge orc paw grabs your shoulder and pushes you aggressively out the front door.