Have you seen a young Nivesian girl recently?

Have you seen a young Nivesian girl recently?

Yes, I have seen a Nivesian girl with flaming red hair accompanied by a man. Where was it?.. Maybe a ducat could help me remember.

Here is your ducat. Now tell us what you know.

I haven’t seen the girl, but there was this fella… a mercenary or something of that sort. He came here for a drink and asked about the next ships departing from Riva. He had a little too much drink and his tongue got loose.

The fella said he got a quickie. He was to deliver a Nivese girl to island. Some dealer on that island promised him good money for her. Sounds a bit like yer gal, doesn’t it?

I’ve seen an armed man with a young woman in the harbor the other day. He promised to pay me a silver thaler if I help him find a vessel heading to Parkauki island. He was in a hurry.

Are you sure they sailed to Parkauki?

Oh yes. I found them a raft and helped them set sail from the pier. I demanded the thaler he promised to pay, but he hit me instead.

A ducat?! Are you mental? Off with you!

Suit yourselves…

And where is this island?

In the middle of the Brack lake… ’Tween Enqui and Tjolmar.

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