Can you tell me about the most important people on the island?

Can you tell me about the most important people on the island?

You name a person and I tell you all I know about this person for 5 silver thalers. Understood?

  • A former Boron priest from Al’Anfa. He is more than 100 years old. Even more than 110 actually. Rumors say he cannot die, because Boron himself cursed him and refused him to enter the Realms of the dead. Gobert never explained why it all happened.

    He dedicates most of his time to gathering the corpses. He loads them into his boat and takes them to a small island of dry land to bury there.

    Even the most fearless villains dare not confront him. Not because of the corpses. Because he is immortal and he is not afraid to die.

  • Before he got to Parkauki, he worked as a salesman for some important trading house. Then one day he choked on a cabbage pie in a port tavern. There was some sad sack healer who pierced his throat and stuck a tube in there so that he could be able to breathe through the tube.

    He survived. Since then many healers tried to remove the tube. But as soon as they did, he immediately began to choke on blood. So they had to leave the tube sticking out of his throat. Since then, his voice has been barely audible, and he constantly whistles through the tube.

    His superiors didn’t like it at all. They assumed a salesman with a tube in his throat will drive all the customers away, so they fired him. Angry, he stole an impressive part of the capital of the trading house and retained many useful connections. Thanks to them, he is the most sought-after huckster on the island.

  • The biggest loser I’ve ever known.

    He sailed here whining, that mommy and daddy left him, evil bullies beat him, poor unfortunate, have pity on him!

    At first he decided to be a bard. But he soon realized that no one here is going to pay for his cacophony.

    Then he wanted to become a ranger and guide the newcomers around the island. But none of the visitors to the island ever asked for a guide.

    Then he squeezed out a couple of chirias and imagined that he could become a healer. But there are no herbs on the island, he cannot treat even a running nose. Complete disappointment.

  • Sometimes I wonder how she lived to her age in this hostile place. She is already over 70 years old. No one remembers when she appeared here, and who she was in a past life.

    She owns the only inn on the island. And she keeps it in relatively good condition. Of course, she has a maid for that, whom she picked from the street.

    The old woman is sharp-tongued. But they say that she is very kind and feeds lepers and terminally ill people on the island. I haven’t seen this myself, so I don’t believe she’s all that good. She picks vermin like goblins from the street and makes them work for her. And what is so generous in feeding the ill? They are going to die anyway.

  • She was with all males on the island, including orcs and goblins. They say that she even has fun with the neckers, and that is why she smells of fish all the time.

    I know if it’s true about neckers, but she smells of fish because of the lady disease with which she generously infects all her lovers. Soon the whole island will smell like fish.

    I hope you were reasonable enough not to sleep with her.

  • Why should I bother to know a rabble like him? Don’t worry, I won’t charge you for this answer.
  • A self-righteous half-elf. She is a successful sharper, and knows how to ingratiate herself. She enlisted the support of the most berserk thugs on the island. And now she’s going to take over all the bars and playhouses. She is an arrogant, raking squirt! And nothing will come of it.
  • The most expensive whore in this establishment. In fact, she is simply overrated, due to the fact that she has elven blood in her. Well, her brains are elven through and through, that’s for sure. You should hear what nonsense she sometimes says.

    Treasure has been a whore for over 50 years. And during this time she managed to accumulate a lot of gold. She is said to be richer than Stoerrebrandt himself. At the same time, she almost never spends her gold.

  • Oh, him. A shady character. Some assume he used to be a male prostitute because of his feminine affectation. But I think it is not that simple. Several times I saw him accompany male clients upstairs. But I never saw them come back down.

    Others suggest that Snitch comes from a noble family. He became a pariah because of his gambling debts. I saw him play. He plays a lot. But he never takes big risks and always knows when to stop. It is not likely that he could get himself deep into debts.

    I think he might be a spy. He constantly eavesdrops on customers. Or maybe this is just my imagination, and he is just a mundane turkeycock.

  • A big guy with the scar on his neck. They tried to hang him for robbery, but the gallows broke under him. He likes to tell this story. Rowina invited him to join her gang. I hope he refuses.

  • He used to be the priest of Peraine. But then he got ill with pox and got those ugly marks all over his body. His flock was sure that the priest of the goddess of medicine should not ever suffer from pox. And if he fell ill, then Peraine cursed him and he is not a true priest any longer. The priest got angry and began to demand from the goddess to give a sign to his flock and point out that they were wrong. But the goddess ignored his pleas and withdrew her mercy. Since then he is really not blessed by Peraine any longer.

  • A very aggressive Thorwalian guy. When he’s not completely drunk, he likes to tell sea tales about his adventures. They are so implausible that even children won’t believe in them. But he should not be told about this, otherwise he might get physical.
  • No one knows what his real name is. But everyone calls him Heresy, since he keeps repeating that word over and over again. He used to be a scholar once. But at some point he has read some cursed book and got odd, as he is now. People started taunting him for this, and finally some well-wisher got him to Parkauki for his own safety.