Spells and Magic

Spells and Magic

A well-honed blade is not the only way to face the dangers of Aventuria. A well-crafted magic spell can work miracles as well. Your team can use magic for either their own benefit, or for another’s demise.

Your characters may cast spells at almost any time and nearly everywhere. In combat, characters simply choose Cast Spell. Clicking the Use Magic icon while adventuring also provides access to spells.

Remember, though: a character can only cast a particular spell if his or her spell value is at least -5 (and preferably better than that).

Note: Certain spells cannot be cast in combat. As all combat actions are, by necessity, spontaneous, characters am only use spells that require little or no time to prepare and cast in a fight.


Your magic-using characters learn a variety of different spells, according to their classes. Spells are grouped by Arcane Lore, the ancient magical beliefs which formed them and guided their schools of thought.

Magicians, Elves, Witches and Druids know a tremendous number of spells, grouped into various areas of magic. The following list contains all spells included in this game, along with the attributes involved in a successful casting of each spell. The Lore column shows the group that originated the spell.

Although any character may learn and cast almost any spell, the sheer number of spells available encourages characters to specialize.

The Arkania Online spells are somewhat different from the original RoA version. We renamed, combined and sometimes even removed spells if they seemed to us useless. Here are some general changes: many spells were assigned to different groups. The Communication group was appended to the Clairvoyance. The Transformation and Transmutation groups were split between other different groups.

Each of the spell groups contains 7 spells. All spells are equally available for all magic classes. Spells improvement attempts never fail in Arkania Online.


  • Abvenenum purifies poisoned or spoiled food.
  • Astral Theft steals opponent’s astral points.
  • Cryptographo decrypts ciphers.
  • Destructibo destroys magical artifacts.
  • Disruptivo disrupts all types of magic in the selected radius or disenchants a person.
  • Gardianum protects caster from damaging spells.
  • Invercano reflects inflicted spell back to caster.


  • Bannbaladin awakens sympathy and friendship towards the caster.
  • Evil Eye turns opponents against their companions.
  • Horriphobus causes the target run away in horror.
  • Meekness tames wild animals.
  • Paralysis turns target to a stone.
  • Respondami forces target to tell the truth.
  • Somnigravis puts target to sleep.


  • Banish Spirits banishes ghosts and spirits.
  • Conjure Spirit summons a spirit.
  • Heptagon summons a demon.
  • Nekropathia lets communicate with the dead.
  • Radau enlivens witch’s broom to fight for her.
  • Skelettarius turns killed foes to undead companions.
  • Summon Crows summons a flock of crows dealing damage.


  • Axxeleratus doubles movement points.
  • Claudibus applies a magical lock.
  • Foramen opens locks.
  • Fortifex builds a wall.
  • Motoricus moves objects telekinetically.
  • Ocean’s Floor allows breathing under water.
  • Transversalis carries caster to selected location.


  • Calm Storm surrounds caster with a windless dome.
  • Elementare summons an elemental.
  • Flim Flam creates magical source of light.
  • Nihilatio nullifies gravity in selected radius.
  • Solidirid builds a bridge up to 50 paces.
  • Freeze Soft turns fluids to solid.
  • Melt Solid softens solid objects.


  • Attributo increases selected attribute.
  • Armatrutz raises armor class up to 9 points.
  • Balsam increases target’s life points.
  • Fire’s Bane lowers inflicted fire damage.
  • Klarum Purum neutralizes the poison.
  • Psychostabilis raises magic resistance.
  • Regeneratio raises target’s life points each combat round.


  • Analys reveals the purpose of magical artifact.
  • Eagle’s Eye raises the perception by 7 points.
  • Exposami reveals presence of living beings nearby.
  • Odem Arcanum shows if target has a magical aura.
  • Penetrizzel allows looking through solid objects.
  • Sensibar reveals the target’s feelings.
  • Witch’s Eye detects whether target is a witch.


  • Camouflage disguises caster by a harmless appearance (child, cripple, old person).
  • Darkness creates magical darkness.
  • Duplicatus conjures caster’s ghostly double.
  • Eagle, Wolf turns caster to animal.
  • Silentium suppresses all sounds near caster.
  • Witch’s Knot creates an illusionary barrier (e.g. a wall, fire, abyss).
  • Visibili makes target invisible.


  • Blitz blinds the target for several rounds.
  • Ecliptifactus enlivens the caster’s shadow to fight for him.
  • Fulminictus deals damage avoiding armor.
  • Ignifaxius deals damage with fire.
  • Iron Rust breaks the opponent’s weapon.
  • Karnifilo turns opponent berserk who attacks the closest bystander.
  • Plumbumbarum lowers target’s attack and parry values.

Wand Rituals

These powerful rituals allow a Magician to “charge” a wand with certain spells. Although the effort takes immense amounts of astral points, the charge is permanent. An appropriately charged wand is used automatically if the situation calls for it. Further, the wand may hold more than one ritual at a time.

There are four different rituals, or charges, that wands may hold:

Ritual #1
Makes a magic wand unbreakable and prepares it to be charged with further spells. All Magicians start the game with a wand already containing this charge.
Ritual #2
After successful completion of this ritual (at a cost of 23 astral points) the wand can be used at any time as an undousible torch. The game assumes any Magician with charge #2 uses it automatically in dungeons and caves, so no other heroes need carry a light.
Ritual #3
This allows the caster to turn his wand into a rope 10 paces long whenever he or she wants to. The rope will attach itself to any protruding rock, ledge, hook etc when thrown. The ritual has a cost of 19 astral points. The game assumes any Magician with charge #3 will automatically use the wand as a rope when in an appropriate situation (e.g. climbing).
Ritual #4
This ritual allows the Magician to cast any spell at a cost reduced by 2 AP (minimum cost for any spell: 1 AP). This ritual costs 27 astral points.

House Spells

Magicians must decide which type Arcane Lore they favor, be it Demonology, Illusion or some other. Based on this specialization, they gain a “bonus” with certain spells. These spells are called “house spells” and their value can be increased by up to three points each when the character reaches a new experience level.

Magicians may specialize in only one Arcane Lore grouping and will receive the spell value bonus for that group only.

The spell upgrade system in Arkania Online is simplified. You can upgrade each spell twice per level, except for the house spells — they can be updated three times.