Hero Generation

Hero Generation

To create a new character you have to go to the nearest temple and click on the “baby” icon. Exit the generation process, remove the old party members and then add your new creations.To remove a character from your party, click the “let go” icon, then select the character you’d like to scram. The character will remain at the temple where you left him or her.

Each temple offers your party the chance to make offererings to the gods. If you’re lucky, you might even witness a miracle! The priests and priestesses of the temples are also fine sources of information.

Part of the thrill of any role-playing game is leading your characters on to greater and greater triumphs, watching them grow in power and prestige. Creating characters from scratch, molding them in every detail, is fun as well.

Soon you’ll see a generation screen where you see all the attributes that make up each Aventurian hero.

Before you begin rolling your characters, it’s important to determine what types of characters you hope to create. Just as on Earth, characters in Aventuria have different backgrounds and skills. For example, someone raised in a penthouse in Manhattan will have very different skills and abilities than someone raised in a fishing camp in Alaska. It’s just the same in the fantasy world of The Dark Eye. A Jester has very different skills and abilities than a Silvan Elf. In our game each character can come from one of ten character classes:

  • Jester
  • Hunter
  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Thorwaler
  • Dwarf
  • Witch
  • Druid
  • Magician
  • Elf

After you’ve taken a look at the different classes and their abilities, you’re ready to start creating characters.

You’ll be using the Character Creation Options menu to craft your brainchildren. Although the character generation is user friendly, it’s recommended you follow the order of the manual, at least for your first time through.

Arkania Online Hero Generation Tip

In the beginning was the name… To give a character a name (even before you decide what they’re going to be), fill in the “Name” field. You can choose a name from the dropdown hint list or make up a name yourself. The short name can only contain 8 digits while the full name’s length is not limited.

Arkania Gender Gender

Next, select your character’s gender by clicking on the gender symbol (the upper right-hand corner). Men and women are equally skilled, talented, trained and rewarded in Utopia, er, Aventuria.


This allows you to choose a character class from any of the ten classes available and assigns the minimum attribute values for that class to the character and randomizes the rest.

Arkania Reroll Reroll

If you are not satisfied with attributes you’ve got, you take the electronic dice into your hands to “roll” the new ones.

Note: If you’ve never played a role-playing game before, you’re probably wondering why we’re talking about “rolling” and “dice” when there are no dice to be seen! The character creation system in the game is based on a pen and paper system which uses dice rolls: here, however, the system handles all the “dice rolling” for you. The numbers displayed for attributes are the results of these electronic dice rolls.

When you click Reroll the game “rolls” values for the character’s positive attributes (the left hand column) and her negative attributes (the right hand column). As you might expect, positive attributes are characteristics which help that character, while negative attributes are that character’s faults and shortcomings.

Positive Attributes

Positive attributes are tracked numerically and, for newly created characters, range from 8 to 13. The positive attributes are:

Courage (CR)
A high courage influences quick decisions and provides a high amount of willpower. This is valuable in a fight, when trying to resist a spell or when conversing with others.
Wisdom (WD)
This attribute measures the theoretical or “bookish” knowledge a character has, memory, ability to plan ahead and to think in abstract terms. This makes it the basis of most magic.
Charisma (CH)
A character with a high charisma value will find it easier to influence others. Also, his or her teammates will be more open to the character’s suggestions.
Dexterity (DX)
This attribute is needed to manipulate small objects. It affects disarming traps, ripening locks and other maneuvers which require slight of hand. It also affects a magician’s ability to weave a magic spell.
Agility (AG)
This measures the ability to move skillfully and to avoid sudden obstacles. It also helps characters to avoid blows in combat.
Strength (ST)
More than just brute muscle power, this is also the knowledge of how to use it to the fullest. A necessity for moving heavy objects and using heavy weapons, strength also determines a character’s maximum load.
Intuition (IN)
It’s not necessarily anything you heard or anything you saw. but something just tells you that something’s up. A character’s intuition affects his or her ability to perform many skills and also influences a magic user’s ability.

Negative Attributes

Next, you’ll assign values for the negative attributes just like you did for the positive attributes. Keep in mind that many classes have negative attribute requirements! The seven negative attributes, which range from 2 to 8 for new characters are:

Superstition (SN)
Characters with high superstition notice certain things, black cats, bad omens, and the like, and instantly understand their meaning. A high superstition often makes a character particularly susceptible to magic.
Acrophobia (AC)
A fear of heights, leading to a distinct feeling of vertigo. A large acrophobia value can be a severe handicap when a character is forced to cross a suspension bridge or stand at a cliffs edge.
Claustrophobia (CL)
The fear of being buried alive which can close in when traveling through narrow halls and low corridors.
Avarice (AV)
The urge to gather gold, jewelry and other precious items. A character gripped by avarice will often forget all else happening around him or her just to loot something that has caught his or her eye.
Necrophobia (NE)
A particularly terrifying fear of death and anything connected with it. A character with a high necrophobia value will sometimes refuse to fight against undead (mummies, zombies, skeletons, etc) and may run away instead.
Curiosity (CU)
A healthy amount of curiosity is something of a prerequisite for a true hero, but too much of anything is a curse, and so it is with curiosity. Magicians especially are often overcome with curiosity upon discovering old scrolls and magical artifacts.
Violent Temper (VT)
A character with a violent temper is easily insulted and quick to draw a weapon to right any perceived wrong.

Arcane Lore

If you created a Magician the system will ask you to choose the character’s preferred Arcane Lore. Arcane Lore influences the character’s magical focus and affects his or her spell casting for the selected category. The different lores as well as their magical spells are covered in the Magic section.


After you’ve selected your class the game shows you a selection of portraits appropriate for your character. Just click on your preference. You will be able to change the portraits later on. You will even be able to set you custom portraits on the hero’s page.

Other Attributes

With your character’s class in place, you’ll see several new attributes.

Height and Weight
They help to define the physical aspects of your character and are based on the class you selected for your character. The height value is determined by 2d20 roll and the weight value derives from height.
A character’s deity — guardian god is very important in Aventuria. Based upon the month the character is born, the deity determines the character’s general way of life and offer bonuses to attribute or skill values.

As in any world, money is an important commodity in Aventuria. Luck is one factor that determines how much money a hero starts with.

  • Gold Ducats are the highest form of currency and are displayed as “D”.
  • Silver Thalers 10 silver thalers equal a gold ducat. Silver thalers are displayed as “S”.
  • Copper Hellers 10 copper hellers equal a silver thaler. Copper hellers are displayed as “H”.
Life Points (LP)
Represent the amount of damage a character can take before (s)he dies. A character’s life points are based upon his or her statistics and increase with experience level. Should the life points reach five or fewer, the character will lose consciousness; (s)he will die at zero. Life points can be regained through sleep, potions or magical intervention.
Astral Points (AP)
All kinds of magic are powered by astral energy which is measured in astral points. These points represent the amount of magical power your character has and also the amount of points available to cast spells. Astral points are also based upon your character’s class. (Dwarves, for example, have none.) They increase with experience and are replenished through sleep, potions or meditation.
Reflects your character’s ability to withstand strain, is a key factor in the movement points the character has available and determines how much burden he or she can tolerate before losing movement points. Endurance is based on a character’s life points (LP) and strength (ST).
Magic Resistance (MR)
Represents a character’s ability to ward off the effects of magical spells. A character’s magic resistance is based upon his or her courage (CR), wisdom (WD) and superstition (SN).
This value simply shows how much weight the hero is carrying. It is measured in Aventuria Ounces (OZ).
Movement Points (MP)
The number of movement points determines how many actions a hero can perform on the combat field. A simple attack requires 3 MP and casting spell — - at least 5. Movement points depend on the Strength attribute and the load the hero is carrying.
MPLoadAvailable Actions
1< 10×STmove 1 step
3< 100×STmove, attack
5> 100×STmove, attack, cast spell
7> 125×STmove, attack, cast spell
8> 150×STmove, attack, cast spell
Arkania Save Hero Save the Hero

When you are completely satisfied with all attribute values, click this button to save them for the new created hero. You will meet your new hero in any temple throughout Aventuria.

Arkania Exit Generation Exit Hero Generation

After finishing creating enough heroes for your party, you can click this button to exit Hero Generator. Now you can pick all your heroes at the temple.