Game Options

Game Options

On the right side of the screen are the game icons. By using them you can access key game features. Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, not all game options may be available. You can select and activate any icon by left clicking on it.

Create New Characters

This option lets you create your own custom characters, right down to the smallest detail. This option is available in each temple of the Twelve gods.

Add Characters

If you’ve created some characters and want to add them to your party, use this option. Your party can hold six characters at most. The character on the far left is the Team Leader. Unless otherwise indicated, the Leader is the person in the party who initiates action (tries the door, pokes at the odd heap of rags in the comer, etc).

Sometimes, a non-player character (NPC) may offer to join your party for a while. When you have an NPC along, his or her icon will appear in the sevenths portrait slot.

Remove Characters

Use this option to leave some of your heroes in the temple. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. You will be able to pick them up later.

Delete Characters

This erases a character permanently, casting him into the Nameless Void, never to be seen again. Use with caution!

Temples and Shrines

Ask for a Miracle

A character may ask a god for a bit of divine intervention using this option. Naturally, a god is more likely to grant a miracle to his or her own worshippers, as well as those who have make a hefty financial contribution. Even so, the gods are tickle, and miracles remain rare events.

Make Offering

Party members who wish to donate to their deity may select this option. The gods are thought to favor those who demonstrate their piety with an outlay of cash.

City Options


The map helps you navigate through the current location. It might be a complicated city plan or just a small list of places you can visit.


Look, there’s a new notice posted on the bulletin board. What if they promise a reward for clearing the region of goblins? Or maybe a beautiful princess is waiting for her release from captivity? “Wanted six thugs”. Hey, what are our portraits doing here?!


If you have no money left for ale in the tavern, plain well water will do to quench your thirst. Cheap and cheerful.

Use Talent

This options offers a list of skills that are relevant for the current location. The most common skills are listed below.

Use Talent: Heal

A character may treat others for poison, disease or wounds or practice a bit of Alchemy. Just select a skill to perform, and, if necessary, a person to perform it on. Depending on the skill level of the character, life points may be restored to the wounded, and the poisoned and diseased may be cured. Of course, if your characteris unskilled in treating the ailment, he may just make things worse!

Use Talent: Alchemy

Characters wishing to spend their time brewing magic or healing potions may opt to use the Alchemy skill. To mix potions, the character must have: an alchemy set, all necessary containers, all necessary herbs and an appropriate recipe. Solid skills in Herb Lore and Alchemy are also musts. When your character mixes the brew, the system will let you know the outcome. Be carelul: if the alchemist concocts something so vile that it melts the very jar it was mixed in, he will fail the attempt. All ingredients and containers used in the goop will be lost.

Use Talent: Pickpocket

If you’re low on cash, you might want to try picking a merchant’s pockets. Choose Pickpocket to do so. If luck is with you, a few of her coins may be yours. If you get caught, though, don’t expect leniency.

Use Talent: Evaluate

Before you sell an item, you might want to determine its value. To Evaluate an item, review a character skilled in Evaluation and then Use Talent. Next, select Evaluate followed by an item. He or she will present their best estimate. Of course, some merchants might offer more or less, depending on their own view of the item.

Use Talent: Taverns

Along with normal talents such as Treat Wounds and Treat Disease, taverns allow your party to use some of their more flamboyant skills to entertain the customers. While inside a tavern, characters may Cheat (card tricks and the like), perform Acrobatics, or play an Instrument. Skilled characters will earn a bit of money for a successful performance. Unskilled characters will be uncermoniously booted out the door.

Use Magic

While holed up to rest, magic users may cast spells to heal or otherwise enchant the party. Mages have additional options while resting: charging their wands.

Use Magic: Cast Spell

To cast non-combat magic, such as healing or light spells, select this option, then the character who will cast the spell. Next, select the spell name.

While resting, characters may require the aid of healing magic or other spells. To cast a spell, select the Cast Spell option, a magically talented character, the spell group and the spell itself.

Use Magic: Meditation

Meditation is generally reserved for Mages, it allows a character to convert some of his life points (LP) to astral points (AP). Other magic-using character types who carry at least one dose of thonnys in their packs may meditate as well.

Use Magic: Wand Rituals

Wand rituals are powerful options available only for mages. The ritual allows the magic user to try to transfer some of his or her astral points to a magical wand. The mage spends hours focusing his mind, his magic and his energy over the wand until it accepts the spell. This lengthy transfer of energy also consumes many astral points, but is permanent once charged. Should your character choose to cast a wand spell, regardless of success or failure, he or she will be unable to perform any magic for the remainder of the camp.


From time to time, your party will have a chance to rest. A nice, peaceful rest is vital for recovering health and energy. Your party may rest while in their room at an inn, or in other suitably secure spots. You may not, however, just plunk down your packs and snooze in the city streets. Depending on where you choose to rest, you’ll have numerous options available to you.


As your characters sleep, they may replenish both astral and life points. Yet you may not sleep so well if you’re not properly prepared. There’s nothing like sleeping outdoors in the rain without a blanket or food. Sleeping while diseased, hungry, or exposed can actually do more harm than good. Clicking on the Sleep button sends all characters in the party to slumberland, so complete any other activities such as meditation or spellcasting first.

Exit Camp

If you weren’t really tired after all, this option will return you to your adventure.

Shops and Market


Throughout Aventuria’s many towns and cities, you’ll find numerous vendors peddling their wares in the city markets. In their booths, you can find the finest armor, herbs and other goods that your party may need on an occasional or daily basis. In the large cities the markets are open every day, while small towns house markets once a week or even once a month.


Click on this icon to talk to the person. In case there are multiple people in the same location, this person will be selected randomly.


When you enter a shop, select Buy to view and select from the establishment’s inventory. When you select an item the system highlights characters who can use it in green. The price and quality of a particular item may vary from shop to shop.


If your load is too heavy or you’re strapped for cash, selling some items is the perfect solution. Sometimes, as with gathering and selling herbs, the trade can even be quite profitable. When you sell an item, you’ll see an inventory of your goods along with the price the merchant is willing to pay you. Like buying items, you and the merchant can haggle over your price once you’ve selected the items to sell.


Once you’ve decided to make a purchase from one of Aventuria’s merchants, you can try to cut a better deal. After you select Haggle and a person to do the haggling, your character and the merchant start negotiating. Of course, a character skilled in Haggle has the best chance of getting a good discount. With the offer made, the vendor mulls it over, and, depending on your tact, diplomacy and haggling skill, he or she may accept your offer.

Inns and Taverns


Your characters may order a meal by selecting this option. The innkeeper will tell you of the daily special along with his price. Should you accept, and have the money to pay for it, the meal is served.

buy around
Buy a Round

While the stout might be flowing like Niagara, a word to the wise is “moderation". Alcohol’s effects can go beyond medicinal, and too much can leave your characters without their wits. Characters who drink too much can certainly become drunk and, just as in real life, may suffer temporary losses to their intelligence and charisma and other typical drunken effects.

sit at the bar
Sit at the Bar

The bartenders have seen their share of adventurers come and go. Hidden beyond their entrepreneurial spirit is often a blanket of information awaiting inquisitive visitors. Selecting this option, you may get a chance to discuss the local gossip. However, don’t forget the barkeep has a business to run, and doesn’t usually stand around for idle chat.

sit at the occupied table
Sit at the Occupied Table

Sometimes you want to be alone, other times you’ll welcome a stranger’s company. The easiest way to start a friendly conversation is to join someone at the occupied table.

rent a room
Rent a Room

Aventuria’s rooms range from your finest noble suites to “the cot in the closet" shacks. Depending on your party’s taste and funds, you may select the room of your choice. Room quality varies inn to inn, but, in general, the better the room, the better the night’s sleep (and its restorative effects). Selecting this option, the innkeeper will show you a selection of available suites, and will allow you to select your accommodations. After you’ve finished other bedtime tasks (using magic or talents), select Sleep to head to your rooms for the night.

Games and Competitions


Yearning in a prison cell or languishing on board a ship, you can pass the time gambling with your fellow travelers and even earn a couple of thalers. And in the play houses of Aventuria, you can hit a big jackpot!

Strength Contests

Power contests are often held at fairs and taverns. Arm wrestling, tug-of-war, piggyback and fisticuffs are very popular in most regions of Aventuria.

Agility Contests

If you’re not strong enough for strength contests, try racing, tags, overruns, or even cheese rolling. This way you can also earn a reward.

Duel / Brawl

Sparring is a great way to test yourself and measure your strength and skill with an opponent. In some towns of Aventuria, it is customary to resolve disputes and disagreements with an honest duel.

Healers and Curers

Treat Wounds

If a wounded character is left untreated for way too long, (s)he will likely become infected or diseased. If the wounds are beyond the treatment skills of your party, head to a healer in town for relief. Select Treat Wounds, followed by the character. The healer will quote you a price and get to work. Of course, the outcome depends on the healer’s skill.

Treat Illness

There are numerous maladies in Aventuria. Should one of your characters require an elixir for his or her condition, select Treat Illness.

Treat Poison

Many healers can cure poison before it kills a poisoned character. Select Treat Poison to let them work their art.


For most characters, being magically turned to stone is a fate worse then death. Should this happen to a party member, lug your comrade-turned-lawn-omament back to a healer. Depetrify may return him/her to flesh and blood.

Custom Services

Repair (Blacksmith)

If your armor’s been dinged or your sword blade snapped, the blacksmith is there to pound it back into shape. To fix broken equipment, select Have an Item Repaired, followed by the character and the item in question. The smith will look the item over and quote you a price. Just like other shops, you’re free to haggle over it.

Take Measurements (Tailor)

There’s nothing like some new adventuring garb to cheer the party up. This option allows you to order a custom-tailored outfit.

have fun
Have Fun (Brothel)

Just like taverns, Aventuria’s brothels also offer your party entertainment of a, well, different kind that was prevalent in medieval worlds. Select this option to enjoy the services of the establishment (which also include haircuts and manicures, by the way).


Keep itching even after you have washed yourself thoroughly? Well, this can happen to anyone. Crab lice, fleas, tooth-worms and other parasites are exterminated in barber shops and baths throughout Aventuria.


A nice, soothing bath is just what you need after a hard day’s questing. A dip at the public baths will wash away the dust and grime of the road, and make you feelt as fresh as a donf sprig.


Helps you relax when your high-speed lifestyle has you stressed out. Further down… a little to the right… that’s it, ahhh.

Fortell Fortune

The seeress will try to get a glimpse of your future, for a price. Nevertheless, you should not take the word of every charlatan, especially if he performs at the fair.


“Hic gaudet mors succurrere vitae…" wait, what? If you come across a valuable document in a foreign language, you should show it to the local interpreter. Amateur polyglots will convey the essence of the text, whether it be Foxish or Bosparano.

Analyze Item

Any magic academy with a clairvoyance bent will be happy to analyze your magical artifact for just one gold Ducat.


Many public schools in Aventuria offer evening classes for uneducated adults. Why not take a class like this? You might learn something new.


You listened to all the classes and learned the material by heart. Why not test your knowledge? If you are successful, you can get a diploma, experience points, or just encouragement from your teacher.

Warehouse and Storage

deposit items
Deposit Items

Carrying arond ten tons of herbs, fifteen alchemy sets, twelve suits of armor and other random goodies can tend to wear a party down. Enterprising merchants throughout Aventuria have taken advantage of this plight by offering storage space within their warehouses for a fee.

collect items
Collect Items

To leave items in or to take your own items from a warehouse, select either option. Keep in mind, though, that warehouses, like any other business, are subject to villains. Keep your major valuables with you!

all items
Storage: All Items

In Arkania Online your heroes are no longer homeless. Now they have a place to stay and to keep their belongings. Select this option to view the whole collection of items in your house storage.

all weapons
Storage: Weapons and Armor

Filter out weapons, armor and ammunition.

all tools
Storage: Tools and Consumables

Filter out non-military and non-alchemical items.

all herbs
Storage: Herbs and Potions

Filter out herbs, potions, poisons and alchemical ingredients.

loot all
Loot All

Just look at all these items! Should you leave some of them behind? No? Then let’s grab all of them and then sell at the local market!


Switch Lever

Look at this peculiar mechanism on the wall. What do you think it is for? Does it open a secret passage or maybe deactivate an acid trap? Let’s switch it and find out!

open chest

It’s a happy sight for tired and battle worn eyes. It’s what you’ve come so far and found so hard to achieve… the trinkets nestled safely in a treasure chest. When your party finds a chest, just select Open Chest to attempt to get inside to the goods. The character at the front of the party flips the lid on the chest, so if something blows, it’ll be in his or her face.


The old oak is worn, heavy with exposure to the dungeon’s damp air. Your party stands before it wondering what it conceals… or what it holds back. Click the Open Door icon to let yourself in. Sometimes a door may be locked, however. Should you attempt to open a locked door, you will be presented with the options listed below.

break the lock
Break the Lock

Two of your strongest characters take the front positions in the party and prepare to slam into the door’s center. Depending on the solidity of the door (after all, no one’s going to break through a 10-foot thick, steel plated door), your party may succeed, opening the pathway. Doors which are broken down cannot be closed. If your characters were particularly strong, there’s probably not much left to close anyway.

pick the lock
Pick the Lock

Pulling a set of lockpicks from his pocket, your Rogue will need to begin work on his exacting art. Depending on the complexity of the lock and your Rogue’s skill, you may hear that fateful click and watch as the door slides open before you.

Take Money / Plunder

You heroes have found an offertory bowl dedicated to some foreign god. Should they plunder it? Well, why not?

Donate Money

Now your heroes know why you should think twice before plundering suspicious shrines. Putting the stolen money back might be a good idea.

upstairs downstairs
Go Up and Down Stairs

Some buildings and dungeons can extend to several levels. The heroes can go upstairs or downstairs by selecting a corresponding option.

Travel and Transport


In Arkania Online your heroes own a warm and cozy stone house just next to the market square. While you stay in Riva you can always go back there and rest.

Secret Door

Secret doors are often used as shortcuts to various peculiar and unreachable places. But first you need to find them.


Traveling on foot is fun, but sometimes it just takes way too much time. That is when you can rent mounts or even hire a waggoner to take you to your destination in no time.


Is your party interested in a bit of seafaring? Visit the Harbor to make your reservations. The game will show you a list of ships at anchor in the harbor and their destinations; this list changes as ships depart and new ships come in (see the Harbor Master for a complete schedule of expected ships), so check back if nothing available suits you. If you’re interested in a certain destination that’s available, select it, and the ship’s captain will tell you about his ship and your cost to board it. While he talks, listen carefully — the condition of his ship will affect your party greatly. The expensive ships generally travel the fastest, and luxurious ships offer your party a more restful (and healing) trip. Your party may prefer to forgo passage on a small, leaky skiff even if its captain offers you free passage to your destination. On a longship, for instance, your characters are expected to man the oars and won’t get much of a chance to rest during the voyage. Other times, when your cash reserves are low, or if your party really, really needs to get somewhere, any old ship will do.

talk to harbor master
Talk to the Harbor Master

For a small gratuity, the Harbor Master has a world of information for the roaming party. He’ll gladly tell you about all ships leaving the harbor and even those that are expected. For parties traveling to obscure destinations that are serviced rarely, the Harbor Master’s knowledge is essential; he might be able to tell you of a small skiff leaving in two days that will, at long last, get you to your destination.

Go on Board

If you’ve booked a passage on a vessel, select Go On Board when you’re ready to leave town. After selecting this option, you’ll spend your time chatting with other shipmates or looking for fish over the sides of the ship. Once you board a ship, you are on board until it reaches its final destination and have no influence on the ship’s course.


Experienced mages can use the Transversalis spell to travel from Tuzak to Havena in a blink of an eye. The more experienced the mage gets, the more locations open for teleportation.


Dust off the backpack and put on your best leather boots… your characters are out for a bit of that heel-to-toe shuffle. Just step up to the signpost to discover where the road or path heads. Keep in mind that each city typically has more than one signpost, so checking around, you’ll find roads to more than one destination.

Travel On

If you stopped your journey for one reason or another, selecting Travel On will continue you on your current route or path.


Some quests require your heroes to follow or chase some shady person. In this case your best scout has to pass the track check.


Sometimes the most rewarding action turns out to be inaction. If you’re languishing in a prison cell or a ship’s cabin, it’s best to just wait. Maybe something important will happen.

Gardens and Yards

When your heroes get tired of dusty roads and crowded streets, they can spend some time in a beautiful and quiet place.


Abandoned shrines, gazebos and other structures can keep your party safe from rain and wild animals.


Set Guard Duty

While your characters sleep, who knows what creatures may creep out of the forest and into your sleeping bag. To protect your party from ambushes, rogues and other creatures of the night, set guard duty before going to sleep for the evening. When you select this option, the game will ask you to select a character to stand guard for each of three shifts. Characters with high danger sense and intuition make the best guards, but be certain they get their fair share of sleep, too. Characters who stand guard cannot do other activities like hunting, so you might want to take care of other duties before setting guards and going off to sleep.

Replenish Supplies

As your party travels through Aventuria’s outback, they may use their rations and drain their waterskins dry. Whenever your characters make camp and you’re running low on supplies, it’s a good idea to try replenishing your stores. Select a character to do the hunting. Generally, characters skilled in nature and perception have the best chance of success. Keep in mind though, that the character may hunt only once per day. If all goes well, though, the game will inform you about the grub you found; the food and water will be used immediately or stored for future use, depending on the needs of the team.

gather herbs
Gather Herbs

Used in every alchemist’s potion, herbs are a source of magical power for the party and are plentiful in Aventuria’s forests. Selecting this option, you’ll choose a character for the search and send them off for a time. While a character’s success depends upon the area searched, those skilled in Herb Lore and Perception find herbs more quickly and are generally better at identifying herbs than their less gifted companions. When the character returns, you’ll be told of his or her discoveries.


If your heroes carry a fishing rod or a net they will always be able to catch some fish, weed, rubbish or maybe a piece of ancient treasure?

Private Options

The Diary

The diary automatically tracks your adventure, and allows you to insert your own notes as well. It’s a good idea to check your diary frequenlly-itmay contain a vital clue, or jog your fading memory.

Write Entry

If you’d like to add an to entry the diary yourself, select this option. The diary automatically moves to a new page. There’s no limit to the number of pages you can add. If you’d like to write another War and Peace, go right ahead.


The diary’s powerful search feature allows you to scope out the entries for certain persons, particular travels, gods and miscellaneous topics. You can also search from a listing of all topics or quickly locate your personal entries.

Previous / Next Page

Clicking one direction or another, you can flip the pages to find the entry that you’re looking for or to read over the diary’s contents in general.

read mail

Owning a house comes with a few amenities, including your own mailbox. There you will receive various offers and invitations, so check each time when you return home.

Player Settings

party settings
Party Settings

This options allows to reorder the heroes and select the character who will lead the party through wilderness, dungeons and city streets.

save and exit
Save and Exit

Use this option to update your changes and exit the settings page.

report a bug
Report a Bug

Are your heroes stuck in some dungeon or location they cannot exit? This option will teleport them back to their house in Riva.

back to game
Back to Game

You can return to game whenever you are ready.