Exploring Aventuria

Exploring Aventuria

Exploring Aventuria and its surroundings is a perilous business. Here are a few free pointers for savvy adventurers:

  • When exploring dungeons or other dangerous places, set heroes with high Perception, Strength and Agility as the leader of the party. They’ll have the best chance to notice traps before they’re set off and will be able to open doors with a shove.
  • When shopping or exploring in town, make your party leader a hero with high Charisma and good Social Skills, such as Haggle. Such a character will be able to charm information out of people, and negotiate bargains in shops.
  • If you’re traveling in the wilderness, heroes with strong Nature skills are best to lead your party, They will notice tracks and other landscape features that lesser skilled companions might miss.
  • Keep a light source handy for when it gets dark. Carry some torches or lanterns with oil and a tinder box to light them. Magically gifted characters may also light the way with a Fiat Lux spell. Magicians may magically charge their wand to contain an automatic, inextinguishable light spell.
  • If you’re headed for a dungeon, bring along a supply of food and water for your characters. Take some bedrolls to sleep on as well. It could be several days before you make it back to a shop or tavern.
  • Dress appropriately, as your mother used to say. Cavorting around in nothing but a metal bikini might be a great way to show off your buffed bod, but if s an even better way to catch pneumonia. And sensible shoes are a must.



In a temple you can create characters, let go characters, add characters, ask for a miracle, donate to a deity, etc.


The most important options here are for buying and selling of items. Before wrapping up the purchase, you have the option to haggle on the price.


The blacksmith repairs damaged or broken weapons and armor of the character.


In many cases the healers of Aventuria are indispensable for the life of characters. Options: treating wounds, healing diseases, neutralizing poison, etc.


Here you have the opportunity to eat and drink or to rent a room. Nothing is more relaxing after a successful day than to enjoy an evening's rest in a hotel room.

In order to gain back his strength, the character lays down and sleeps. This allows him to regenerate the life and astral energy previously lost through various actions.

It is best to sleep in a rented room in an inn, without having to worry about being suddenly attacked at night. This also eliminates the necessity for guard duty.

The amount of rest your character gets is naturally dependent upon the comfort level of the rented room. It is cheaper to sleep in a dormitory, however, beds and regeneration are much better in a suite or single room.


Here you have the opportunity to eat and drink as well. A drink is the fastest, but also the most costly way to regenerate. By using certain skills you might also be able to increase your wealth.

Public Baths

Here characters can take a bath or get a massage.

Arkania Online Public Bath
Sleeping Niches

Various dungeons offer sleeping niches for the character to regenerate. In addition, your characters are continuously regenerating, even if they are running around the entire day.

Visit these various locations with your character, and try out the different possibilities.

Social Interaction

Non-Player Characters (NPC)

Not all meetings in Aventuria are of hostile nature. Certain persons enjoy offering your party their help. A seventh character in the party can be a valuable enrichment, especially during a fight. Such characters are called NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

When you decide to offer an acquaintance your friendship and add him to your party, this character will keep his independent behavior. With the exception of additional food supply, no additional support is required from you.

Similar to all independent figures in Aventuria, NPCs have their own character and willpower. Therefore, many characters are not willing to serve without appropriate reward. Some coincidental acquaintances may also engage in independent activities that damage your party. In such a case, it is time to separate from the NPC. It can also happen that a NPC leaves the party when he desires to go his own way.

Some NCPs can be dismissed and added to your party again and again.

The Conversation

After greeting your conversation partner, you can ask him various questions utilizing numerous keywords. You can only select among known topics. If you learn something new during the conversation, this keyword will be added to the list of conversation topics. Some topics will come up only after you have reached a particular level, or triggered a specific quest.

Arkania Online NPC Conversation Dialog

To start a conversation, click with the left button of your mouse on the desired keyword. The question will appear in yellow print and the answer in white print. You can and should repeat questions on important keywords multiple times. Sometimes people will volunteer a crucial detail when they are quizzed a second or third time When the NPC is out of information, he will start to repeat himself.

In Arkania Online the NPCs do not terminate dialogues by themselves. If a conversation hasn't turned out as you had hoped, just say a friendly good-bye by selecting the option End of Conversation. You never know when you will meet the same partner again in the future…

Weights, Measures and Units

Although the peoples of Aventuria have different measures, a common structure for weights and monetary units has been formed with time.


Aventuria has a common currency which is divided into gold ducats, silverthalers and copper halers.

1 gold ducat = 10 silver thalers = 100 copper halers


The weight unit of Aventuria is the unit ounce.

  • 1 ounce = 25 gram
  • 1 stone = 1 kilogram
  • 1 square = 1 ton
Linear Measures

The distance is displayed in miles or paces.

  • 1 mile = 1 kilometer
  • 1 pace = 1 meter
  • 1 span = 20 centimeter
  • 1 finger = 2 centimeter
Time Measure: Combat Round / Game Round

The game often describes the duration of various actions with combat rounds or game rounds. Frequently spells require a duration time for the spells. These data are then expressed in combat rounds (CR) and game rounds (GR).

  • 1 combat round = 5 seconds
  • 1 game round = 5 minutes

In other words, if a fight consists of 24 combat rounds, no more than 2 minutes have passed.