Diseases and Healing

Diseases and Healing

Disease and infection are no strangers to Aventuria. Characters can be brought down by exposure and infection just as surely as by sword or spell. While some diseases are mere inconvieniences, such as Numskull, afflictions such as Tetanus can be fatal. It’s wise to treat a sick character as quickly as possible. Before a condition can be treated, however, it must first be diagnosed. A character requires some amount of Treat Disease skill just to figure out what the problem is. A poorly skilled character may have difficulty recognizing a common cold. Certain diseases may require a specific herbal treatment for any healing efforts to be effective. Some afflictions may be so serious that trying anything less than the most skilled healer in Aventuria will be a futile waste of effort. A selection of common diseases follows:

Battlefield Fever

Ghouls and the undead are the earners of this insidious disease, which is especially dangerous to elves. The infection spreads rapidly and with serious consequences, made worse by a debilitating loss of strength and life energy. The only known treatment is the combined application of joruga root and gulmond leaves.

Healing: Gulmond Leaf + Joruga Root

Blue Cough

Blue cough is only possible as a consequence of numskull. The patient must be confined to bed to prevent the disease from worsening. If this regimen is kept up, foe disease will likely pass. It may take a long time, but rest and waiting is the only way to get rid of blue cough once it develops.

Healing: impossible, visit healer


There is no real treatment for frostbite. The best thing to do is to prevent it by wearing good shoes and warm clothes, in extreme weather conditions, especially in winter, characters should avoid long marches.

Healing: Whirlweed


A character suffering from numskull feels weak and listless, and also suffers some damage. The biggest danger connected with a numskull infection is foe possibility of blue cough. The usual cause for numskull is staying in cold water for too long without drying off and getting warm again afterwards. Almost any healing herb can be used to treat numskull.

Healing with any of the following: 4-Leaf Loneberry, Whirlweed, Tarnele, Finage Tree Sprig, Joruga Root, Olginroot, Belmart Leaf, Donf Sprig, Menchal Cactus


This dangerous disease, which can lead to total paralysis, is mainly transmitted by undead. The only chance a character with paralysitis has of being cured lies in fast treatment and application of donf sprigs.

Healing: Donf Sprig


Rabies is transmitted by bites of wild animals. It is a rare, but often deadly disease. Also, there is a danger foe infected character may attack his or her own companions as he or she is driven mad by foe pain. For treatment, foe patient must stay in bed. The only known herb with any effect against rabies is joruga root.

Healing: Joruga Root


It is almost certain that the Characters will have to deal with this dangerous disease some time during their adventures. Tetanus develops from infected wounds made by monster bites or rusty weapons. If not treated, the infection can cause foe character’s death. Characters should therefore make a habit of cleaning and dressing all wounds after battle.

Healing: impossible, visit healer

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