Character Classes

Character Classes

You can create your party from a total of 10 character classes. Each character class has features and attibutes, which are dependent on the situation in the game, may be of varying importance. In addition to the specific equipment defined for each character class, each character receives one pair of shoes, a waterskin, two food rations, one blanket, one pair of pants and, for female characters, one shirt.

The Warrior


Warriors are masters of armed combat techniques and are sorely needed to ensure a party’s survival in these dark times. They have the right to wear the heaviest armor and to carry two-handed swords. Their code of honor prevents them from using poisons. Members of this class are known to be fairly laid back (drinking only decaf) to keep their awesome fighting skills in check.

Equipment: dagger, sword, leather armor

Requirements: CR: 12, WD 12, AG: 12, VT below 6

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

The Rogue


Whether pickpockets or tricksters, Rogues are at home in crowded towns and cities where they have ample opportunity to prove their particular skills. In the wilderness, however, Rogues are lost, often preferring to stay close to the party.

Equipment: dagger, lockpicks, rapier

Requirements: CR: 12, DX: 12, AG: 11, AV: 7

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

The Jester


Jesters are men and women of the road. These traveling troubadours aren’t merely buffoons. They are well-versed in all kinds of survival techniques. Having a fair share of experience with rogues and pickpockets, they well know how to protect themselves and the party.

Equipment: 2 throwing knives, dagger

Requirements: CR: 11, DX: 12, AG: 13, SN: 7

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

The Thorwalian


Good living and a lust for battle -- be it against others or the forces of nature -- are the characteristics of the hulking Thorwalians, who are equally honored and feared as fighters and sailors. These red-headed giants hail from the seaside region of Thorwal and make a living by raiding other ships and may thus justifiably be called “pirates”, but a Thorwalian would vigorously object to being given the same epithet.

Equipment: sabre, brandy bottle, skraja

Requirements: CR: 11, AG: 11, ST: 12, SN: 6, CL: 4

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

The Hunter


These remote loners possess a thorough knowledge of Aventuria’s wilderness its game and dangers. Through years of training they have become incredibly proficient with many kinds of bows and other missile weapons. Because of their isolation, they don’t think about money much.

Equipment: dagger, longbow, 20 arrows

Requirements: AG: 12, IN: 12, CL: 7

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

The Dwarf


The little people are excellent smiths and excel at estimating the value of precious items. Furthermore, they are feared axe fighters. Dwarves typically have a bit of money. Dwarfs are highly sought-after as mercenaries; they are regarded as tough, enduring, and reliant. Sometimes, just the rumor of the opposing side employing dwarfs has been enough to prevent an entire force from attacking.

Equipment: crowbar, hammer, mace

Requirements: DX: 12, ST: 12, AV: 7

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

The Magician


The adepts of the magical arts consider themselves to be scientists and delight in the discovery of new spell formulas and other arcane mysteries. Their sorcery skills allow them to survive in hostile surroundings. Their weapons are either a magic wand or a dagger.

Equipment: dagger, writing utensils, magic wand, robes

Requirements: WD: 13, CH: 12, SN: below 5, CU: 6

Skill increase attempts: 15 per level

Spell increase attempts: 40 per level

The Witch


In contrast to magicians, Witches and Warlocks do not derive their powers from the accumulated bookish knowledge of centuries, but from an intuitive understanding of human and animal nature. Unfortunately these character types can only fight with selected weapons.

Equipment: two loneberries, witch’s broom

Requirements: CH: 13, IN:12, AC: below 5

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

Spell increase attempts: 25 per level

The Druid


The secretive Druids are distinguished as much by their knowledge of dark spells of control as by their love of nature in all its aspects. Their love of life may contribute to their reputation as skilled healers. Their beliefs forbid them from using metal armor and weapons for fear of destroying their divine power.

Equipment: whirlweed, joruga root, obsidian dagger

Requirements: CR: 13, WD: 12, NE: less than 5

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

Spell increase attempts: 25 per level

The Elf


Of all the elven folk in Aventuria, the Green Elves have had the closest contact with humans. Many magicians received magic training from the Green Elves early in their careers. The Elves are not adverse to sitting ’round campfires discussing a day’s events, and are occasionally spotted in Thorwal’s taverns. While slight of stature, Green Elves possess a great deal of magic and skill with missile weapons and have much in common with Human mages, who are rumored to receive training on occasion from their Elven counterparts. They are also very self-disciplined.

Equipment: rapier, harp, long bow, 20 arrows

Requirements: CH: 12, AG: 12, IN: 13, AV: less than 5

Skill increase attempts: 20 per level

Spell increase attempts: 20 per level