Alchemy, Herbs, Poisons

Alchemy, Herbs, Poisons

Your characters will likely come across a vast array of herbs that may prove useful in their adventures in the Riva region. Some herbs can be used without any prior preparation, while others require a skilled and knowledgeable character before their use becomes apparent.

Herbs can be purchased from Aventuria’s many herbalists. Your party may also find herbs throughout Aventuria’s wild. Naturally, a character skilled in Herb Lore will have a much better chance to find herbs. Extremely skilled characters may even be able to gather extra herbs as a means to make money for the party, selling his or her reserves to one of Aventuria’s herbalists. And for those unlucky enough to have no party member skilled in Herb Lore, ready-made potions are available at Aventuria’s better herbalists.

Mixed together with recipe in hand, these herbs can form wondrous healing agents and deadly poisons. Without a recipe, however, your character may end up creating “Vaporize Party Immediately” instead of that helpful elixir you had in mind.

Atmon Blossom Atmon

This hardy flower, or rather, the salve made from it, has to be imported from the Khom Desert. Atmon salve increases all Body skills.

Belmart Leaf Belmart

The dark green leaves of the belmart bush can be used to concoct a preventive medicine against disease and poisons.

Donf Sprig Donf

Donf sprigs are a favored remedy of healers, prescribed for just about any affliction. They work best against paralysis and swamp fever, though.

Finage Tree Sprig Finage

A mix made from finage tree sprigs raises attributes lowered by magic or disease to the former value.

Four-Leaf Loneberry Four-leaf Loneberry

The berries of this bush are among the most common medicinal herbs of all Aventuria. They can be eaten raw or used to prepare a concoction. They also figure in many recipes for healing potions.

Gulmond Leaf Gulmond

The leaves of the gulmond bush, found mostly in the Svellt Valley to the east of the Orcish Lands, are famous for increasing strength and endurance. The preferred way to take gulmond is as a tea, but it is also possible to chew the fresh leaves.

Ilmen Leaf Ilmen Leaf

This is a weak hallucinogen imported from the south. The leaves are usually smoked: their vapors are said to calm even berserkers.

Joruga Root Joruga

This yellow root of about finger length is the only known cure for rabies and valued accordingly. In northern Aventuria, the joruga root can be found mostly within Nostria.

Kairan Stalk Kairan

This fern plant only grows under water. It is extremely rare and is collected mostly along the shores of Nine Eyes Lake, though it can on occasion be found around other lakes and ponds.

Mandrake Root Mandrake

This common root often grows in man-like shape and is the base of many magic potions. It can be found mostly in forest areas and wet grasslands.

Menchal Cactus Menchal

This cactus from the edge of the Aventurian deserts is a potent antidote to various poisons.

Olgin Root Olgin Root

The roots of this moss species build up a resistance against all kinds of poison and disease. Unfortunately, olgin root is very rare and thus extremely expensive.

Tarnele Tarnele

This plant, which is very similar in appearance to dandelion, can be found almost anywhere in Aventuria and is one of the most basic supplies any healer carries. An ointment made from crushed tarnele leaves speeds up the nightly regeneration of life energy.

Thonnys Blossom Thonnys

This homely herb allows elves, witches and druids to use astral meditation, a practice normally open only to magicians.

Whirlweed Whirlweed

Any tiling said about the loneberry applies to whirlweed. This, too, is in use all over Aventuria, but its effect is stronger than the loneberry’s. It should be present in every well supplied adventurer’s backpack.


Poison Arax

Concentrated cave-spider poison. Does only light damage, but reduces an opponent’s combat values.

Bane Dust Poison Bane Dust

A powerful poison that slowly robs magically gifted characters of their astral energy.

Black Lotus Poison Black Lotus

The pollen of the black lotus is used in the preparation of an extremely potent inhaled poison.

Fear Poison Fear Poison

A magical poison of immediate effect identical to a successful Horriphobus spell.

Golden Glue Poison Golden Glue

This is an acidic contact poison often found on doorknobs and the opening mechanisms of treasure chests.

Hyalian Fire Poison Hyailian Fire

Not a poison in the strict sense of the word, but it still belongs in this list. Anyone this brew is used on will start thrashing about in pain. This fluid will explode with a bang and go up in flames.

Kukris Poison Kukris

A deadly poison of almost immediate effect. It is extracted from a southern clinging root and is extremely expensive.

Miasthmaticum Poison Miasthmaticum

A strong poison that clouds its victim in a green fog and does severe damage.

Shurin Bulb Poison Shurin Bulb

The shurin bulb, which is found in the Orcish Lands and in the wilds, offers a strong but very slow poison.

Sleeping Poison Sleeping Poison

A mild, magical poison that makes an opponent fall asleep immediately. A strike against the afflicted suffices to wake him (or her) up again.

Toadstool Poison Toadstool Poison

A poison of reddish yellow hue extracted from the fly agaric, it sees frequent use as a weapon poison. It is also quite often mixed with food. Victims will suffer, ah, stomach turmoil.

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