Have you met elves in Parkauki?

Have you met elves in Parkauki?

Do you prefer elves? I’ve got some elvish blood myself. My mother was a half-breed. And my father is the whole male population of Parkauki! Ha-ah. My mother was very popular, you know.

So were you born on the island? Have you ever thought of leaving this cursed place?

Oh, yes. My mother has always wanted me to have a “normal” life in a descent human settlement. One day I have even decided to give it a try and sailed on a raft to Tjolmar. But less than a year later I got back here.

But why? This place is horrible!

I was sick of those prudish sissies and their stupid laws. Why am I supposed to submit to the rules of some Twelve invisible spirits, that I’m not even sure exist? I am a free woman and do whatever I want! I guess I am not made for the “normal” world. There is too much of Parkauki in my veins.

She laughs.