Can you please build us a ship?

Can you please build us a ship?


Why not? We’ve got gold.

The dwarf turns to you and takes a moment eyeing you suspiciously.

What kind of vessel do you need?

Just a coastal ship for short distances.

That would be 3000 ducats. Do we have a deal?

We need the most reliable ship! Resistant to permafrost ice of Ifirn ocean and southern storms of Uthar’s land.

The dwarf’s eyes grow wide, as if this task is the most challenging thing he’s ever done.

That would be 15000 ducats. Do we have a deal?

We need a warship. Fast and maneuverable. Do you think you can make it?

That would be 7500 ducats. And this does not include armament! Do we have a deal?

But why is it so expensive?!

The dwarf crosses his arms on his chest and looks at you with defiance.

And what exactly did you expect? Tools, materials, workshop rental! Why am even explaining it? No gold — no ship.

We agree. When will it be ready?

The dwarf narrows his eyes deep in calculations.

Three years and half. Approximately. And half the money up front!

No way! We cannot wait for three years! Why does it take so long?

Do I look like a fairy to you? I know no magic! I work alone and focus on quality! If you need a leaky trough, buy it second hand!

And where can we buy it?

Ask around the harbor.