An ode to Iwain Basiliskslayer

An ode to Iwain Basiliskslayer

Ode to Iwain the Basiliskslayer, a legend renowned,
Whose valor and might upon the battlefield astound.
With steely resolve and a heart so brave,
He ventured forth, his homeland to save.

Through treacherous woods and caverns deep,
Iwain pressed on, his promises to keep.
With every step, his purpose grew,
To vanquish evil, to justice stay true.

Against the odds, he faced a horde,
Forty goblins fierce, their weapons soared.
But Iwain, undaunted, unleashed his might,
And with swift strikes, he brought them to the night.

Ten orcs, fearsome in their savage wrath,
Iwain met them head-on, on his righteous path.
Blade clashed against blade, an epic dance,
And one by one, the orcs stood no chance.

Yet, the challenge continued, as fate unfurled,
Two black ogres emerged, the embodiment of the world.
With thunderous roars and hulking frames,
Iwain stood tall, undeterred by their claims.

He fought with the fire of a thousand suns,
His every strike a testament to battles won.
With skill and courage, he battled on,
Till the ogres fell, their power gone.

Oh, Iwain, the Basiliskslayer so true,
Your deeds echo in the hearts of the few.
A champion of justice, a warrior bold,
You’ve engraved your name in legends untold.

Through countless battles, your valor shines,
A testament to the strength within your lines.
May your tales inspire the brave and the bold,
As your legacy we forever uphold.

So let the bards sing of Iwain’s might,
His triumphs on that fateful night.
A hero unmatched, a legend so grand,
Iwain the Basiliskslayer, a savior of the land.