An ode to Gwen Petryl

An ode to Gwen Petryl

Ode to Gwen Petryl,
  a radiant sight,
 A jewel born of Alveran’s
  celestial might.
 From the shattered citadel,
  it emerged,
 A treasure of green-blue,
  by history submerged.

In Efferd’s realm,
  the sea-god’s domain,
 Gwen Petryl’s splendor,
  a heavenly refrain.
 It glows with a brilliance
  that captivates the eye,
 A luminescent presence
  that makes the heart sigh.

A shard of Alveran,
  a realm of old,
 Where deities clashed,
  and legends unfold.
 In the Giant Wars,
  the citadel fell,
 But Gwen Petryl’s beauty,
  forever to dwell.

Beneath the waves,
  jewel finds its abode,
 Guided by Efferd,
  in his watery ode.
 With grace it illuminates
  the ocean deep,
 A beacon of light
  where secrets safely keep.

Its green-blue hues,
  a celestial dance,
 Reflecting the wonders
  of nature’s expanse.
 The sea creatures dance
  in its ethereal glow,
 As whispers of enchantment
  in the currents flow.


Oh, Gwen Petryl,
  jewel of divine art,
 A symbol of resilience,
  a radiant heart.
 In Efferd’s embrace,
  you find your home,
 A testament to Alveran,
  forever known.

May your light guide
  sailors, lost at sea,
 A shimmering path to where
  they long to be.
 In the realm of dreams
  and ancient lore,
 Gwen Petryl, your
  magnificence we adore.

As time goes on
  and legends are retold,
 Your story, Gwen Petryl,
  will never grow old.
 A luminary gem,
  in Efferd’s divine plan,
 Forever cherished,
  in the depths you stand.