A song praising Peraine

A song praising Peraine

Hail Peraine,
  goddess of fertile lands,
Whose gentle touch
  nurtures all that stands.
With golden fields,
  bountiful and wide,
You bless the earth,
  our provider and guide.

From the seeds you sow
  in the sacred ground,
Sprouts life abundant,
  joyful sights and sounds.
Through radiant sunshine
  and gentle rain,
You gift us harvest,
  a plentiful gain.

Your presence,
  like a soothing balm, heals,
Relieving pain and wounds,
  your touch reveals.
With tender hands
  and a compassionate heart,
You mend our spirits,
  bringing a fresh start.

In your embrace,
  nature finds its voice,
Flourishing in your love,
  we rejoice.
From blossoms blooming
  to fruits so sweet,
Your blessings shower,
  abundant and complete.

Through the changing seasons,
  your grace prevails,
As crops ripen and fill
  our storied trails.
With each turn of the wheel,
  your cycle’s embrace,
We find renewal,
  your boundless embrace.

Peraine, goddess of
  fertility and light,
Your presence fills our days,
  banishing the night.
In gratitude,
  we honor your sacred name,
For you bless our lives,
  forever the same.

May your fields forever
  thrive and bloom,
As we gather under
  your nurturing plume.
With grateful hearts,
  we sing praises anew,
Oh Peraine, goddess of life,
  we honor you!