A song about the Golden Dragon

A song about the Golden Dragon

In the town of Tjolmar,
  stout and bold,
Lived dwarf ambassador
  — Ingramosch,
With a heart of iron
  and tales to unfold,
He journeyed far
  as the kingdom’s envoy.

But fate took a turn,
  so unforeseen,
A golden dragon,
  mighty and grand,
With eyes of fire,
  gleaming keen,
Petrified Ingramosch,
  where he would stand.

In his frozen state,
  a statue of awe,
Ingramosch awaited
  a hero’s call,
And six unknown souls,
  without a flaw,
Answered the plea,
  they would not let him fall.

They battled the dragon,
  fierce and untamed,
With valor and strength,
  they stood as one,
Through fire and fury,
  they never waned,
Their bravery shone
  beneath the sun.

Their swords clashed
  with the dragon’s might,
As the six heroes fought
  with all their might,
And as the dragon fell
  in the final fight,
Ingramosch was freed from
  his petrified plight.

Oh, brave heroes,
  saviors of the dwarf,
Ingramosch’s gratitude
  knows no bounds,
Your valor and courage,
  beyond all worth,
For in your actions,
  true heroism resounds.

Now the ambassador
  stands tall and free,
His heart filled with
  gratitude and grace,
  a symbol of unity,
Bearing the memory of those
  heroes they embrace.

In the pubs of Tjolmar
  and in its streets,
The tale of Ingramosch
  shall forever be told,
Of the golden dragon
  and the heroes six,
Their deeds of valor,
  a saga untold.